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Is Warming Up Really Necessary?

Ah, warming up: the LAMEST part of exercising, right?  Toootally.  Well, I used to think so, but warming up is tremendously beneficial regardless of your exercise of choice. I know there are lots of people out there who don’t warm up before exercising.   I can’t tell you how many people […]

Vitamins and Minerals Part III: Electrolytes

In Part I and Part II of this series I covered the vitamins of the series, but now we’re getting to some minerals, specifically the electrolytes calcium, magnesium, and potassium.   Electrolytes are essential body salts that are crucial for the health of the cells, as they enable cells to […]

Ejaculation and Testosterone Levels in Men

Ejaculation and testosterone have an interesting relationship.  In 2003, there was an interesting study conducted in Hangzhou, China that concluded that the serum testosterone levels in men increased dramatically on the seventh day following an ejaculation.  On days 2 to 5 of abstinence, the increase in testosterone levels were negligible; however, […]

What’s a Good Body Mass Index? The Skinny on BMI

Short answer: There isn’t one. :) Ahhh, the Body Mass Index.  This measurement is…well, what word would you use to describe something that oversimplifies and altogether misrepresents important issues at large, mainly, obesity?  It’s that. The Body Mass Index–or BMI as the cool kids call it–is the measurement of your […]

Vitamins and Minerals Part II: Vitamin C and the Fatties

In Part I of this series I touched on the B vitamins which are all water-soluble vitamins that aren’t stored in your body.  Aside from vitamin C, the rest of the vitamins in this article are fat-soluble vitamins, meaning that they should be taken with fat to be absorbed into […]

Brain Training – My Lumosity Review

So I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Lumosity, but it’s an online brain training program “based on the science of neuroplasticity.”  It offers a personalized program of brain games that focus on improving the brain’s speed of processing, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving, among other […]

Are Multivitamins Healthy?

Now that I’ve started a series on Vitamins and Minerals in my last post, I feel it’s a fantastic time to talk about my thoughts on multivitamins.  Are multivitamins healthy?  Some believe that vitamins are unnatural and even downright dangerous, while others think they are an excellent modern day hack […]

Vitamins and Minerals Part I: B-complex Vitamins

In the first installment of the Vitamins and Minerals series, I’m going to be going into details on each of the B vitamins that make up the “B-complex vitamins.”  All these B vitamins are water-soluble, meaning they aren’t stored in the body.  As a result, consistent intake in the form […]

Good for you, Bad for you, Healthy, and Unhealthy

“Vegetables are good for you.” “Pizza and ice cream are bad for you.” “Exercise is healthy.” “Lying on the couch all day is unhealthy.”   We can all agree that the above statements are accurate, right?  I mean, everyone knows these to be true, don’t they?  Not me.  I believe […]

Improve Your Sleep in Five Minutes

In today’s day and age, it is not uncommon for people to be on their computers late at night, be using their cell phones constantly, or even fall asleep watching TV.  In this post I’m going to specifically address the late-night computer and cell phone users and suggest that these […]