Drab Sands of Time

Possession is a poisonous vine
It shackles the body and clutters the mind
For what do I ever possess that’s mine?

Career is a sham, a clever design
For what would I rather glean from the grind:
Glistening gold or the drab sands of time?

But choice is a luxury finer than wine
It isn’t and industry, nor can it be shined
Why laugh in new places when I can stay home and cry?
I’ll work all my life so I can buy and then die.



September 8, 2014

About Cael

Cael holds academic degrees in Supply Chain and Information Systems, Spanish, and Global and International Studies. He is a Certified Professional [Life] Coach (CPC), a Certified Weight Loss Coach (CWLC), a certified TESOL/TEFL educator, and a professional clairvoyant and healer. He is an avid researcher, autodidact, and self-experimenter. His areas of interest and study include bioenergetics, metaphysics, game theory, parapsychology, vocal performance, massage therapy, poetry, and lifestyle design.

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