Resist or Maim

You can’t leave through the door
From which you came
It’s do or die
Resist or maim

But through the blood
The tears, the pain
The memories
That bend and fade
Bets and debts
And dues all paid
Your new foundation
Freshly laid
For a life that you
Would never trade

Full moon, new moon
Wax and wane
And afterwards
You’re not the same
But in your heart
You try to tame
That raging storm
That wild flame



January 31, 2014

About Cael

Cael holds academic degrees in Supply Chain and Information Systems, Spanish, and Global and International Studies. He is a Certified Professional [Life] Coach (CPC), a Certified Weight Loss Coach (CWLC), a certified TESOL/TEFL educator, and a professional clairvoyant and healer. He is an avid researcher, autodidact, and self-experimenter. His areas of interest and study include bioenergetics, metaphysics, game theory, parapsychology, vocal performance, massage therapy, poetry, and lifestyle design.

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