The Storm Provides the Wind to Soar

Last night I wrote a poem:

“The storm provides the wind to soar.”

I’ve been blessed with challenges and obstacles in my life.  I have them–we all have them.  A lot of times we feel compelled to dread, curse, and lament them.  I believe doing so is a tragic missed opportunity for development and growth.

It is the challenges we face that push us into new and exciting success.  Everyone enjoys comfort, but we do not grow or evolve from comfort; rather, comfort provides respite and regeneration.

There is a marked difference between growth and regeneration.  The former implies new development and a forward progression; the latter implies returning to an earlier starting point.  Both are important, but they counter-balance rather than propel each other.

So, last night as I contemplated my many recent physical, emotional, and behavioral obstacles, I reflected upon how these obstacles (just as past obstacles had) provide new opportunities for love, compassion, and positive change.  I become powerfully aware of how injuries and addictions can light the path to a more loving, compassionate, and self-actualized sense of self.  These obstacles have and continue to be upgrades to my existence–stepping stools instead of speed bumps.

Kites don’t fly with the wind, but against it.  Embrace the storms in your life and learn to fly.

About Cael

Cael holds academic degrees in Supply Chain and Information Systems, Spanish, and Global and International Studies. He is a Certified Professional [Life] Coach (CPC), a Certified Weight Loss Coach (CWLC), a certified TESOL/TEFL educator, and a professional clairvoyant and healer. He is an avid researcher, autodidact, and self-experimenter. His areas of interest and study include bioenergetics, metaphysics, game theory, parapsychology, vocal performance, massage therapy, poetry, and lifestyle design.

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