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Vitamins and Minerals Part V: Skin and Bones

Skin and bones are supported greatly by the vitamin and minerals in this article.  You are what you eat, but you’re also so much more than skin and bones! In the first four installments of this series, I covered B-complex Vitamins, Vitamin C and the Fatties, Electrolytes, and Trace Metals, respectively.  In this fifth and […]

Vitamins and Minerals Part III: Electrolytes

In Part I and Part II of this series I covered the vitamins of the series, but now we’re getting to some minerals, specifically the electrolytes calcium, magnesium, and potassium.   Electrolytes are essential body salts that are crucial for the health of the cells, as they enable cells to […]

Vitamins and Minerals Part II: Vitamin C and the Fatties

In Part I of this series I touched on the B vitamins which are all water-soluble vitamins that aren’t stored in your body.  Aside from vitamin C, the rest of the vitamins in this article are fat-soluble vitamins, meaning that they should be taken with fat to be absorbed into […]