Twenty Fifteen

I’ve dedicated years to improving myself,
Torn through book after book on shelf after shelf
I long to live better and deftly unfetter
Those who fall victim to the charlatan: Wealth

I’ve split my mind open with hopes to imbibe
The customs and culture of each present-day tribe
So at the end of my travels I may not leave, but arrive
And while the ocean is deep, I’m learning to dive

I follow my passions wherever they lead
In the eyes of my peers I was doomed to succeed
And though I spell well, I chose to secede
To avoid being trampled or trampling in the impending stampede

I’ve broken bread, wrist, and heart, done dumb things though I’m smart
I left school with high distinction and three degrees for extinction
I’ve gambled and won and I’m still on the run
But I’ll never slow down ’cause it’s way too much fun

I’ve lived in a closet, a commune, and a beach village resort
I refuse to shoot, puff, pop, or snort
My character is shaped by how I choose to comport
And though my tongue may be sharp, I’d rather holster my retort

I don’t play to win so I can’t ever lose,
I’ve dropped pornography, masturbation, and booze
If my alarm clock goes off, I never hit “snooze”
I know the life that I live is the life that I choose

I see in twenty fifteen, yet without certain hues
And with eyes opened wide my vast vision accrues



October 20, 2014

About Cael

Cael holds academic degrees in Supply Chain and Information Systems, Spanish, and Global and International Studies. He is a Certified Professional [Life] Coach (CPC), a Certified Weight Loss Coach (CWLC), a certified TESOL/TEFL educator, and a professional clairvoyant and healer. He is an avid researcher, autodidact, and self-experimenter. His areas of interest and study include bioenergetics, metaphysics, game theory, parapsychology, vocal performance, massage therapy, poetry, and lifestyle design.

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